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Established in 1971, Polk Audio is an established audio brand that currently supplies a number of high end audio solutions including marine equipment, car sound, home theatre and stereo equipment. The RTi A1 Loudspeaker is a two way bookshelf speaker with a 1inch dome tweeter, 5.25 inch composite mid/woofer with ports on the front and rear panels. The speaker is encased in a real wood veneer of black oak or natural cherry which gives a look and feel of luxury to the item. The speaker provides a solid base performance and a clean top end with excellent dynamics in a well presented package. The T50 speaker system offers real value for money offering excellent surround sound, floor-standing tower speakers, powered subwoofers with a black vinyl finish. Included are the 2 T50 towers, T30 centre channel speakers and a pair of T15 bookshelf speakers to make up the full 5 in 1 package.


Polk Audio Tsi300 single floor-standing speaker are affordable and a perfect addition to an existing home theatre system with a 10 inch powered sub-woofer and 6 inch base they offer amazing sound in a reasonable small package. The Polk Audio RM6750 5 in 1 channel home theatre speaker system offers 2 front, 2 surround sound, 1 centre channel speaker and 1 subwoofer. The integrated design ensures there are no flat spots or holes in the frequencies between subs and sats, allowing perfect clarity for men’s and women’s voices. This system allows for superior imaging and smooth highs with effective crossover control. Keyhole slots allow for wall mounting without extra brackets being required. The Tsi500 is a fairly heavy floor-standing speaker which has 4 mid to low frequency drivers so that all primary audio frequencies are covered. This 5 speaker tower allows for high performance for music or movie enjoyment. The Polk TL1600 is a compact 5.1 channel sub/sat system with a glossy blackstone finish. These 4 small satellite speakers with a T1 centre speaker and an agile 100W Subwoofer, produce an excellent surround sound without taking up much space or making a huge dent in your budget. The system is compact but still allows for impressive sound quality from the small speakers.


The Polk MagniFi soundbar offers powerful, room filling sound with a 3.1 channel soundbar and wireless subwoofer. This system also features voice adjustment technology and Bluetooth for music streaming from mobile devices. The classy black satin finish allows it to fit in with any décor and is extremely slim so it won’t block your IR receiver. The wireless sub completes the package to ensure exceptional sound quality, especially for voices when listening to music or watching the TV.

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