Our range of in-ceiling speakers are carefully selected to meet our strict criteria, top of our list is sound quality all of our speakers give audiophile performance at a very affordable price. Take a look at our range of blucube speakers; despite having such a low price point BluCube ceiling speakers are our favourite brand by a country mile, the attenuation switches give the ability to customise the output to suit the listening environment and of course your ears! Of course BluCube is not our only offering it’s just our favourite and all BluCube speakers come with a 5 year warranty. You may want to stick with a brand you know has been around for years we also offer a range Polk audio speakers are good all round speakers they have a lovely tone thats pleasing to the ear and comfortably handle all genres of music, the polk in’wall range are also well suited to home cinema systems.

Don't forget to protect your investment; the universal fire hood is an essential add on for any in ceiling speaker, building regulation state that whenever you cut into a ceiling you must maintain the inegrity of the firebarrier, Any in-ceiling speaker regardless of brand will burn faster than the 30 min fire rating required by building regulations, Fire is able to spread because once the speaker cone has burnt an opening is created that potentially allows fire to bypass the fire protection that's in place. Our fire hoods not only maintain the integrity of the fire barrier but also protect your speakers from damage caused by dust and loose materials often found in a ceiling void.