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When looking for top quality surround sound or a solution to being able to listen to music anywhere in your home, then SONOS provide the answer. A single device can be connected to a home network which can link to up to 32 SONOS devices in your home, wirelessly. No need for messy cables and connections. The SONOS Play 1 is a stylish speaker with excellent sound quality and offers reliable streaming over Wi-Fi. Stereo sound is created by pairing with a second SONOS Play 1. Apps are available for iOS, Mac, PC and Android. Some apps such as iTunes Radio are not supported. Consider investing in a SONOS Playbase, related to the SONOS Playbar Soundbar, which connects to your TV with optical cable and offers Trueplay which adapts the speaker sound to your room layout. The Playbase comes close to offering surround sound quality with just a single speaker. The Playbase is SONOS only and cannot work as a standard Bluetooth speaker, but it can be integrated into a full SONOS system as you upgrade your audio visual equipment in your home.


SONOS provides one of the best options for multi-room wireless speaker systems and is currently still rated as the most reliable package on the market for self installation. For bigger rooms, try the Play 5 Speaker which is high end and offers soundstage quality audio.


Look at adding in a SONOS Subwoofer or two to add extra depth to any of your SONOS speakers. Play music throughout your home and control the system easily from a tablet, phone or pc. SONOS also offers support for the widest range of online music streaming services and allows you to group speakers together for a better audio experience. Use a SONOS Playbar, SONOS Subwoofer and 2 PLAY 1 Speakers to turn your TV into a home theatre, offering sophisticated acoustics and rich textured surround sound. There are many combinations of SONOS equipment to choose from and you are sure to find a combo that suits your particular needs.

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