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Technology Is For Everyone!

A statement I hear every other day “I don’t bother about technology!” Really….?

What exactly are you using to browse the Internet and read this article, Smartphone, Tablet, PC or Laptop it doesn’t matter you’re here so on some level technology is of interest to you. As the world goes bonkers chasing the latest and greatest your competitve nature has you spending your hard earned cash and you don’t really know why; lets face it when upgrading from one model to another the changes are often quite subtle and your actually chasing what can be little more than a number, It’s an addiction no different to a sugar craving your satisfying a need for a brief moment of excitement or satisfaction. Why would i tell you my potential customers this?


I want you to make wise choices; you see i believe technology has a very important place in this world and I have an actual love of all things technological.

People who care less about technology actually need it more!

Imagine you have a vulnerable relative who despite having disabilities or being vulnerable just wants to keep there independance and continue to live at home; you really should do more perhaps visit more often just check in to make sure everythings ok but you lead such a busy life don’t you!

Well you can you have the latest and greatest technology in your hand regardless of the model or version number it can actually do the most impressive and important stuff.

With “find my iphone” for example you can check the exact location of your kids all you need to do is login to the website click find and it will show you exactly where your kids are assuming they have their phone with them which they always do!

Now imagine your smartphone can tell you your parents are up and about, they are safe and warm eating their breakfast. They may have a carer; Have they been?  Now that smart technology is becoming common place it’s an affordable reality to keep a watchful eye from afar and check in from time to time while knowing if somethings wrong you can recieve an alert.

Our range of smart easifit alarm systems have a smart phone app so it’s all there for you and you can add in motion detectors with in-built camera’s, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors door and window contacts.

So now you have the knowledge and tools to check in and take action.

Set the alarm at night and unset it in the mornings.

Movement when there shouldn’t be – check the cameras and take action!

There’s a door open and they’re of a wander – check the cameras and take action!

The Gas has bee left on – Take action!

The bath is overflowing – Take action!

It’s cold and the heating is not on – Take action!

Still think technology is not of interest…. visit our parent company for professional installation services or ask us to help you decide what products are right for you, if you know what you need browse our site and pick your products for easy self installation. we’re here to help every step of the way!










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